Uses For Formula X2

FORMULA X2 is a detergent that will clean and protect all of your fuel systems.  FORMULA X2 does not use solvents that only amplify the damage of ethanol.  This detergent prevents and kills any bacterial and algae growth in diesel fuel.  Also bringing back some lubricity to low sulfur diesel, preventing rust and corrosion.  FORMULA X2 is the product capable of dealing with all major problems in all kinds of fuel today.

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Formula X2 Gallery

Formula X2 has a fantastic team of people dedicated to developing the best fuel additive on the market today for removing water from your fuel system and eliminating the damages of Ethanol. We love to talk about Formula X2 every chance we get so click here to watch video clips from our television spots, commercials, and demonstrations around the web.

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Dealers & Distributors

FORMULA X2 is expanding to new markets, letting more people know about this incredible product.  Formula X2 Corp. will give full support of our brand to new dealers and potential distributors with marketing material, banners, brochures, posters, display boxes, etc. Formula X2 will also provide to our partners with tech support.

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Q: How does Formula X2 work?

A: Formula X2 separates the oxygen molecules from the hydrogen molecules in the water. By doing this, the oxygen molecules evaporate and the hydrogen molecules are able to mix with the gas maintaining the integrity and the octane of the gas. By doing this, it removes 100% of the water.

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