FORMULA X2 is expanding to new markets, letting more people know about this incredible product.  Formula X2 Corp. will give full support of our brand to new dealers and potential distributors with marketing material, banners, brochures, posters, display boxes, etc. Formula X2 will also provide to our partners with tech support.

This will include Magazine publication in each respective market with reputable publications in the marine industry, mailing promotions, catalogs and special promotion to dealers, including international  markets. In addition, Formula X2 will visit potential clients in various markets to address any questions, exclusively representing our brand. Formula X2 is also putting together a DVD to educate buyers and which also serves as a great selling tool for dealers. It is like having a Formula X2 tech in your stores all day! All this material is in English, we are working in a Spanish version in all the marketing materials.

Formula X2 will establish a freight program to greatly reduce the cost of transportation to our Distributors. We can give free delivery to all warehouses from our manufacturer in the continental US. The orders will be base on volume (Pallets Orders Only) and locations. Formula X2 Corp. will like to discuss this matter with the Distributors and check what will be more convenient to our Distributors and Formula X2 Corp. For International Markets outside US we will deliver to the more convenient port of exit. FOB Miami.

It is the perfect time for Formula X2 to be in the market. With the implementation of E15 in the fuel industry, the ethanol problem is growing. Boating blogs are all commenting on the damaging impact of increased ethanol in the fuel. Formula X2 is the solution for all fuel related problems. We cannot miss this opportunity to get very aggressive and become dominate in the fuel additive industry. There is not an additive in the market that works like Formula X2 does and we can prove it.