Q: How does Formula X2 work?

A: Formula X2 separates the oxygen molecules from the hydrogen molecules in the water. By doing this, the oxygen molecules evaporate and the hydrogen molecules are able to mix with the gas maintaining the integrity and the octane of the gas. By doing this, it removes 100% of the water.

Q: Will Formula X2 work on mixed gas for 2 stroke engines?

A: Yes, Formula X2 will work with all different types of blended and mixed fuels including diesel, E-10 and E-15

Q: Will Formula X2 work on diesel?

A: Yes, Formula X2 works on both applications; gas and diesel.

Q: How long will Formula X2 protect the fuel in the tank?

A: Formula X2 will protect the gas as long as the gas is in the tank.

Q: How often should I use Formula X2?

A: Formula X2 should be used every other time you fill up the tank.

Q: Where can I use Formula X2 ?

A: Formula X2 can be used in any application that uses gas or deisel.

Q: Will Formula X2 help protect against damages caused by ethanol in the fuel system?

A: Yes, Formula X2 will protect fuel lines, carburetors and injectors against any damages made by ethanol fuel.

Q: Does Formula X2 contain alcohol?

A: No, Formula X2 does not contain any alcohol.

Q: What sizes is Formula available in?

A: Formula X2 is available in 2 oz, 8 oz, 32 oz, and one gallon bottles. 5 gallon and 55 gallon drums are available by special order.

Q: How many bottles of Formula X2 would I need to treat my tank?

A: 1 oz of Formula X2 treats 16 gallons of gas or diesel.

Q: Will Formula X2 prevent phase separation?

A: Yes, Formula X2 will prevent phase seperation.

Q: Is Formula X2 Flammable?

A: No, Formula X2 is not flammable.

Q: Is formula X2 safe to use on small engines?

A: Yes, Formula X2 can be used from lawnmowers to low speed MAK diesel engines.

Q: Can Formula X2 be used to winterizing and storage?

A: Yes, Formula X2 can be used for winterizing and equipment storage purposes.