Formula X2 Corp. is the manufacturer of Formula X2 fuel additive here in the USA. We are very proud of the results that we are getting every day. Formula X2 is base in Orlando, FL. with warehouse in Orlando and South Florida. Formula X2 has been in the market for more than 30 years and now, with a new attitude and more aggressive marketing, we are introducing Formula X2 to the Marine Industry, Heavy Machinery, Electricity Generation Industry, etc… making this brand the leading product in the Fuel-Additive Industry. It really works!!!

Formula X2 is a emulsifier that breaks down the water molecules and separates the Hydrogen from the Oxygen in a cold chemical and physical reaction. The Oxygen is release to the atmosphere and the Hydrogen fuses together with the Hydrogen in the Fuel ( All Petroleum fuel are Hydrogen base ). This reaction is why there is no more water in the fuel. Once you break the water molecule there is no more water, just the two elements.

Formula X2 will clean and protect all the fuel system by chemicals that are the base for most detergents. It cleans and protects from the ethanol damages. We don’t use solvents in our formula, to clean the fuel systems. This detergents in Formula X2 make possible to prevent bacterial growth and algae in Diesel fuels, dissolving them to 5 micron or less. ┬áThis will prevent the clogging of the fuel filter prematurely. Making Formula X2 in one product capable in dealing with all major problems in our Fuels today.

For 2011 Formula X2 will partner with Florida Fishing Magazine to be part in upcoming Fishing TV Show and publication. This Fishing Show will be seen all over the US reaching over 40 milling viewers. This TV show will start air July 1,2011. FSFM is the #1 Fishing Magazine in the Country. Formula X2 will be placing add to all the areas that we have Distributors in major Magazines and related Publications to the Marine Industry.

Right now we are advertising in Ship Shape TV 6 times a week reaching an average of 23 MILLION viewers! Formula X2 has participated in all mayor Fall and Spring Boat Shows, Fourtlauderdale, Miami, New Port,CA. and New England Boat Show in Boston. Our team makes presentations in boat shops and marinas all across the country. For the 2011 we are very exited to participate in all major Trade Show like ICAST AND SEMA in Las Vegas. We will participate in all Major Marine Trade Show and Boat Shows, participating with our Distributors and Dealers all over the US and Internationally we also participate in sponsoring major fishing tournaments in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas.

Everyday others are joining into the Formula X2 family of dealers around the US, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, New Zealand and Puerto Rico. Formula X2 is becoming an international brand with interest in Brazil, Panama, Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico, among other countries. All our dealers and distributors will be posted in our Web site that have to be updated daily, because of all the new dealers coming in to the Formula X2 Family.