To Whom it May Concern

August 5,2009

I own M & M Auto Repair, Inc. located south ofKissimmee,Fl. I havebeen at this location for 25 years and I am an ASE certified Master AutoTechnician with the Advanced Level (L-l). I have also helped ASE severaltimes over the past 6 years to write new test and to update test questions.

Recently the X2 fuel treatment was demonstrated to me and I decidedto give it a try. At the time I had a chevy van that had sat idle for a year anda half with the fuel being stale causing a no start. I put the X2 in the stalefuel overnight and the next morning the vehicle started and ran with noproblems. I had customer drive the van without puttin~ew fuel in tillalmost empty and was told she had no problems. I was sold on X2. Severalweeks later a chevy blazer was having a rough running condition due to afuel injector being clogged. I put the X2 in on Friday and drove for 3 mileswith constant misfire. I parked for the weekend and on Monday startedblazer and the misfire was gone. I use X2 in every oil change and tune-upthat we perform here and the customers come back with news of increasedfuel mileage. I convinced a customer with a dodge Dakota with poor fuelmileage to try some one time. He came back 2 days later wanting 3 morebottles ofX2 for the summer when he would be up north. His fuel mileageincreased 1.4 miles per gallon!

These are what I have seen personally here at our shop. As long as itis available we will be using it for everyone who allows to!

Thanks for your time.


Michael L. Vellines


M & M Auto


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